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classical acoustic guitar Both new and used acoustic guitars are widely available on eBay.  In particular, certain reputable eBay guitar dealers offer great deals on factory seconds and used trade-in guitars.  Of course, a guitar's age, condition, and model will affect its value.

Before buying an acoustic guitar, you should learn about the guitar model you're considering.  If you buy a guitar on eBay, you won't be able to hear it, feel it, see it, or play it prior to purchase.  However, most sellers provide pictures and descriptions of the guitar they are selling.  The luthier's or guitar manufacturer's website may also have information about the guitar.  If possible, try to locate and play the acoustic guitar model you are contemplating at a guitar shop or elsewhere, so you can determine if it is the right guitar for you.

A used guitar is often a better choice than a new guitar, because the wood has cured, and a used guitar may be less expensive as well.  If you have experience refurbishing or repairing acoustic guitars, you may be more willing to make an unseen investment.  In any case, read the guitar description carefully, and closely observe the picture to determine whether repairs will be necessary.  Avoid purchasing a guitar whose description states that it needs repairs in order to be played (unless the guitar is a rare or specialty guitar that is worth repairing). 

Finally, make sure your acoustic guitar is packed carefully for shipping, so it is less likely to be damaged in transit.  Hopefully the guitar you select from eBay will give you many years of enjoyment.

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Acoustic Guitars at eBay

acoustic guitar leaning against a rusty gate
Acoustic Guitar and Rusty Gate